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Elephant Teether


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Our Bionic Teether Pacifier Toys is made of the highest quality soft food Grade silicone in one piece, soft and odorless. The nipple hit all the sore gums. The base had different textures that the baby would loved to explore.

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  • Gingival Pain Relief – If your baby is crying, feeling cranky and always looking to bite their fingers, it’s time to give them the Teether Toy Set! Our teethers are the #1 choice because they have multiple DIFFERENT SHAPES and TEXTURES which means that babies enjoy the massaging sensation on their gums and NEVER LOSE INTEREST! This is great because it provides optimum comfort and guarantees TEETHING PAIN RELIEF. And nothing beats being able to take your baby’s pain away.
  • SAFEST BABY TEETHER – Unlike other teethers and teething necklaces that are made from smelly plastic and harmful materials, Our Heccei tooth gel is made of the highest quality soft food Grade Liquid silicone, soft and odorless. It has SAFE DESIGN, for 0+ age, it is very easy to hold and babies can’t put it too far into their mouth to gag themselves. Teethers are made of one solid piece of silicone. No parts to break off. Zero choking hazards.
  • ERGONOMIC! Unlike other baby teething toys that are difficult to grab, our teether has a perfect size, weight, and ergonomic shape which means it is easy for little hands to hold and little mouths to chew on. What that REALLY means is that the baby will chew our teether for a long time NEVER LOSING GRIP. And what that ultimately means is that our learning sensory teether will keep the baby busy and happy and let MOM HAVE SOME REST.
  • EXCITING! If you’ve been looking for a CUTE AND FUNCTIONAL GIFT for your baby or baby shower or any other occasion, then your search is over! It would be the little piece that makes your gift just a little bit fancier and stand out from the rest. Leave the onesies to other guests and give the gift they’ll remember and thank you for in years to come. Get one and people will be constantly complimenting it and asking where you purchased.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction: ✉24-hour Response Time for Customer Issues. HECCEI values our clients and strives to thoroughly please our customers. Please contact us if you need assistance in any way! Our customer care team is always willing and ready to help.


Everyone will go through the painful teething in the baby stage, and only will cry and cry to express the Sore Gums Pain.

Parents’ hearts will break and no mood to do other jobs or housework.

HECCEI aims to soothe the discomfort during the baby’s teething stage, let your child has less crying, more smiling!

We are the professional teether manufacturer, All of our products are safe in any aspect, you no need to worry about the material, psychical, and chemical safety.

We use only the top quality FOOD GRADE LIQUID SILICONE which means that:

you can put it in the FRIDGE to COOL. This is great because it will add a little extra soothing touch if needed and help alleviate the teething pain.

you won’t get worried about baby hitting his/her head with our teething toy because it is SO SOFT, which makes it perfect for early teethers!

it is so EASY to KEEP IT NICE and CLEAN (if you have a silicone kitchen spatula you should know that).

This all makes Heccei silicone teething toy a truly STRESS-FREE product that SAVES TIME. This is great because you’ll spend more quality time with your baby!

We’re not a big business, we’re a caring business. We stand for uncompromising quality of our baby stuff and exceptional customer experience.

We believe that raising a child should be easy and fun for parents and that is helping you to do this with our useful and stylish products, we are creating happier moms and happier children.

Care instruction: Put them in hot water at least 1 minute for high-temperature cleaning before using; Clean them after using and store in the box after air-dried; With the temperature below 120℃/248℉.


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Dimensions10 × 8 × 8 cm


7 reviews for Elephant Teether

  1. dsjsws

    Easy to slip a clip-on pacifier holder to. My little one loves to chew on the ears.Cute and practical for little ones. Cuts down on some of the tears that come with teething, the baby’s and mine.

  2. Oliver DeMille, TJEd

    This is such a cute, soft little elephant! The arms are just right for little hands to grip. The ears and nose and tail are perfect for gnawing on. Super easy to clean and sterilize. Comes in a nice little plastic shell – great for gifting.

  3. Rosemarie

    It’s baby’s favorite. So soft. Easy to hold and so good to chew on.The CB only thing is that the CB packaging is far too elaborate there are no recycle markers

  4. Barbara McArthur

    This brand pacifier, teether was specifically noted on our new Mom’s wish list, so we were happy to find it easily. Great grips for baby – large enough not to get lost – easy to clean and safe for baby. Good gift for the new Mom.

  5. Customer

    My little guy is going crazy with some new teeth coming in, so I have to keep a ton of teethers on hand. He LOVES this one!! It looks exactly as described; it’s extremely easy for him to grab and hold (he’s 7 months), and can easily fit on any of my fingers to play with him. Very easy to clean. A much cuter upgrade to all of his standard teethers.

  6. Kel

    Baby loves it!

  7. VisualSol

    The teether is easy to grip from several different angles, the easiest gripping place his arms and legs which are narrow. The ears and nose make good teething places and the nose is a little firmer than the arms and ears. The teether is easy to clean with the exception of the hole at the bottom of the teether. It would be nice if it came with a little brush that allowed you to clean the area in the middle of the elephant. You can slide the elephant on your finger and hold it for your little one until they can easily hold it on their own. It comes in a clear plastic case.

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