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The Must-have and the best baby float ever. Non-inflatable and detachable stabilizer. No more air leak, and flip overs risks

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Introducing the Mambobaby Float with Canopy

The Mambobaby Float with Canopy is better than ever, this latest and greatest infant swimming training device features improved safety harnesses, better anti-flip properties, and refinement to the overall design.

Mambobaby also added detachable stabilizers – add a tail to some versions to further effectively prevent backflip.

This air-free swim float for infants and babies now comes with a 50+ UV proof canopy to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from harsh sun rays while they’re blissfully floating about.

It is perfect for babies and toddlers to begin safely experiencing the water with mom or dad.

Each Mambobaby float product is designed to teach your baby and toddlers how to swim and help them gain confidence in the water safely.

Mambobaby floats are non-inflatable, so you don’t need to worry about punctures or inflating when its tie to let your little ones go for a splash in the water.

ALL Mambobaby float meets  US CPC Approval, AS/NZS Flotation Aids Approval, and CE Approval.

Why is the Mambobaby the best baby float?

  • The Safest Baby Float Safety always comes first, especially with our littles. Mambobaby Float got the inspiration from the lifebuoy of the ship. There is no air leak or punctures risks without inflation. When we have better choices, why should we take the risk of drowning accidental by air leakage? Upgraded double insurance safety buckle, provide 5 support points, and perfect 40°angle to keep a balance to avoid baby flip over and fall off. Upgraded into 2 swim ways which are backstroke and breaststroke with different buckle method. Backstroke Suitable for 3~12months baby, breaststroke Suitable for 3~24months baby.


  • The Most Comfortable   Mambobaby float made with high quality, environmentally friendly Pearl-Foam. This is a premium latex material that is moisture-proof, very breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy. It has elastic skin cover. BPA Free. soft and warm just like in mother’s arms but would never too hot under the sun. Not to mention that there is a 50+ UV proof sunshade and a stabilizer(*some model) to prevent backflipping due to incorrect wearing or the baby is too active. Oh, please, let us help you get rid of those cheap, poorly made, PVC plastic inflate floats.


  • The Most Adorable How can it be worthy of your pretty baby if Mambobaby is not pretty? The Mambobaby series has several cute designs. Dinosaur, unicorn, shark, spaceship, and our classic designs Mambo fish and flamingos. Comes with different color choices only to worthy your treasure littles. Babys love it! Unique and outstanding appearance design will make your baby the most dazzling new star in the whole swimming pool or the bathtub? LOL.


  • Durable and high quality – Our products are definitely worth the money. Because in the case of proper maintenance, it can be used for a long time. The eldest son used and the second daughter can use it…. which is more cost-effective than buying an inflatable every year. For maintenance details, please refer to the product manual.

Is this Mambobaby Float suitable for my baby?

Mambobaby float with canopy designed for babies and infants weight from 13 to 40 lbs, 3 to 24 months years old.

Adjustable buckle at the back to suit most infant sizes and very easy to adjust.

Unfasten safety clip and easily slip on. You can tighten up as necessary to avoid any slipping.

It’s a Must-Have item for all new babies ready to go into the splashing fun.

At the same time, our products have been highly praised by some children who need special care. If your child is one of them, please contact us, customer service will prepare a unique discount coupon for you.


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212 reviews for Mambobaby Float

  1. Sharon Torres

    My baby loved it! And it’s safe to use and secure which was my main concern.

  2. Johnny O

    This is a must have for babies too small for the other float vests and puddle jumpers! I’m sad I didn’t have this last summer. My daughter is 16 months old and is too small for other floaties. She loves this! She can kick her feet and splash the water. The only reason I am giving this product 4 starts is because the belt that fastens between her legs and prevents her from slipping down, is short. It fits now but if she grows at all it wont. I wish there was a longer belt so she could fit in it all summer. But all in all, a fantastic purchase!

  3. Ivy


  4. Lorraine Swartzentruber

    This was perfect for my seven month old at the pool. It was secure and allowed him to swim on his belly. (And even walk in the baby pool.) Whenever I use it, other parents ask me where I got it as it is hard to find a good flotation device for infants. The only downside is shipping takes a little longer since it is international but well worth it!

  5. Wildflower

    This thing is awesome, my 8 month old loved it. Seemed like he was always sitting to low in the spring type floats. He was one happy baby in this thing

  6. Skala20

    I was sceptical about this float as I had seen a lot of baby swim rings and floats that looked similar to this one which were poorly rated. I took a chance with this one and ordered it despite of just a few but at least positive reviews. So far we are very satisfied with this float. Our 11-month old was safely buckled in and could kick her little legs in the water while having her head safely out of the water. The top/front of the float is made in a way that the baby can rest its head when the neck needs a break. No complaints and love that it isn’t air filled. Our old inflatable float always needed a refresh after sitting on the balcony for a couple of days. You do need to hang it up somewhere for drying as the neoprene cover will let go of some water after using.

  7. LegalMind47


  8. Bandit sears

    I bought this for my 10 month old grandson and he loved it. He can’t tip it over and it is very durable. I have tried several floating devices and this is by far the best one ever.

  9. P. Bryan

    My 4 month old granddaughter likes to swim now with this float. She kicks her little feet.

  10. erick steele

    My son loves this. It’s seems very comfortable and gives him more range to kick his legs like he is really swimming. Highly recommend!!!

  11. Mella B.

    Very great quality will be great for the lake next summer.

  12. horacio solano

    It was great I did not have a problem very easy to use

  13. Customer

    We just used this flotation device on vacation and it worked great!! Some moms even came up to us asking where we got it because my child (1 year old) “looked so comfortable and relaxed.” This thing is so awesome!

  14. camila

    Love it my 4 month old loves it!!!

  15. AnnJ

    Perfect & safe for little ones

  16. Tamara B.

    Float works well…very comfortable for baby and seems safe.

  17. N MAkela

    This float really keeps the baby above water. It is very stable and gives the toddler a sense of security. Love it

  18. Danielle

    This is amazing. First used it when my son was two months old, a few times, then agin when he was about five months old. I can honestly say I believe it has helped tremendously with his abilities in the water! He loves to swim and kicks his legs and it able to keep his head up when on his belly. I love this product, its very cool and unique.

  19. Kindle Customer

    Nice quality and my year old loves it. She’s learning to swim using this and will push off of the benches/ walls in the spa and will kick her feet.

  20. Mrs. Lehrman

    We received this as a gift for my daughter and she loves it! The best floaty product on the market for infants. She feels so secure and happy. I also love that it isn’t inflatable because most public pools do not allow inflatable items but this was approved because it’s not inflatable!

  21. Katie & Danny Young

    My little one loves the water and floats that keep her top half completely out of the water take the fun away. This is great. She gets to put her arms in the water and practice swimming. The fit is easily adjustable and the croctch strap makes it very secure. We’vee returned similar products that didn’t have the crotch strap bc despite a perfect fit once splashing around she started sliding out, not in this!

  22. energizinglife-20

    It is exactly as pictured, and looks to be of fine quality. Summer is not here yet, so have not had the opportunity to try it out though.

  23. Janell32

    I LOVE this float. I bought it for my 9 month old but my three old twins fought over it. They loved to be able to float around on the water freely without being held and without the fear of flipping over or going under like with other types of floats or life jackets. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I feel the price is too high and the quality could be better. The button on mine fell off after only a couple of uses and that could be very dangerous if it would fall off while being used.

  24. Sara Jo Dzuba

    Love this very supportive, my 10 month old loved it !

  25. holly enstrom

    My son loves it. He’s still able to move around and play. Only thing is there’s no directions in English, it’s pretty self explanatory aside from the clip where the back is

  26. Tahmina

    A floaty without air.

  27. Jessica Hodgson

    Great product!

  28. Abbi Gerholdt

    It’s smaller than what I was expecting but perfect for my 3 month old. Haven’t used in water yet but excited!

  29. Kimberly

    My baby loves this floater. It does not leak air like the plastic floaters. It has the safety belt to secure the baby from both the waist, over the shoulder and the bottom too. He uses it in the pool, even in the bath tub. The only down side is that it is kind of bulky, maybe hard to take to travel. Otherwise perfect.

  30. Customer

    Great product. Used it with my 3 month old in the tub, pool, and beach. No concerns of him going face first into the water will using this.

  31. Delida

    My 6 month old grandson and his parents love this float. Very secure yet the baby is able to kick his legs freely. Everyone has fun

  32. Karisa

    We absolutely love this my one year old son is not a big fan of the lifejacket in the pool but he loves this very comfortable and secure the snaps are awesome !!

  33. Melissa Skipton

    I absolutely love this float! It meets all of my needs and my son loves it. There’s nothing to inflate, so it gives me peace of mind that it won’t deflate while my son is in the water. I love that he can float on his tummy or on his back safely! The harness Velcro’s around his body and then has additional three point harness that holds him secure. It’s incredibly easy to get him in and out of the float. Although I usually like to have a second set of hands to hold the float steady for my own sanity. There’s a small indent on the float that allows the back of the head or the chin to rest on the float. I’m so glad I purchased this float!The only disadvantage to this float being foam is that it takes some time to dry out after use- BUT that’s really an easy issue to fix!

  34. Amber

    Love this! My 10 month old is very secure and comfortable in it. He weighs 22lbs and so far the best pool float I have tried!

  35. Chelle

    I love that it can’t pop or deflate with my kiddo in it I love that she can stay in it for up to 2 years and it’s durable enough to last that long.

  36. sierra

    My little boy loves this! He could float around for hours if I let him.

  37. James W.

    My granddaughter loves

  38. N’Dozie Matingou

    Love the concept. I’m not really a fan of inflatables. Saw the first generation and wanted to purchase but there were so many bad reviews. Ordered this one immediately when I saw that the crotch strap was added. Very soft and lightweight. Took some wrestling to get the squirmy little one in but otherwise easy and secure. I haven’t used it enough to notice if the straps slip. 6 month old looked comfy and didn’t complain at all while being in it for an hour. My only complaint so far is, where was this 4 years ago when I had my first child.

  39. Anthony Zickefoose

    Hands down the best pool floatie for babies. The inflatable floaties are awful. They stop holding air after a few uses and they don’t have straps to help support my son when he would sit in them so he was always falling forward with his face pressed up against it or leaning too far back to where it was tipping over. He would cry when he was in it because he felt unstable. However, with this mambobaby floatie he was laughing playing even falling asleep in it at one point. It was very stable and put my mind at ease. I never once had to worry about it flipping over. Money well spent. I will be buying these for friends who are having babies. This thing is awesome!!

  40. Kayla DeVaughn

    Absolutely perfect for our daughter! She hates being confined but had no issues with this at all. Highly recommend!

  41. Allison Swart

    We are so happy with this float! My little guy relaxed and had a great time floating!

  42. Tina T.

    I struggled finding a good float for babies under 30 pounds. This is amazing. Requires no inflating. My grandson loved it. It was so comfortable that he almost fell asleep. Material is super soft! Safety harness is similar to his car seat. Keeps him afloat and his head out of the water.

  43. Customer

    This was a gift for grandbaby. her mom really liked it

  44. Bethany J Ramsey

    Love the two different sitting options. She loved every second of being in the water ! And the float is sturdy enough that she could float in between other kids and I wasn’t worried one of them would accidentally knock her over !!

  45. renee w. allen

    I ordered this for my new granddaughter, and it’s fabulous for the pool! She’s 5 months and loves it. Now my daughter is going to order another one! Highly recommend!

  46. Jess R.

    Can’t say enough about how amazing this product is! My friend has a blow up version and it sucks compared to this solid version. Takes a while to come in the mail but well worth it!

  47. Customer


  48. D. Seymour

    I can even begin to say how much our daughter loves this!!! We used it in the waves at the beach to the pool. It went over the high waves perfectly. Most of the time she would fall asleep in it. It’s easy to use and clean. I highly recommended it

  49. Karen O Cole

    No inflation required, solid foam. Very comfortable and worked well for 6 month old and 15 month old. Sturdy straps to strap child in.

  50. Tabitha G

    Even the lifeguard complimented this floatation device. She was also so cute in it, she ended up on the news. Lol

  51. Stephanie

    Happy quality. Love the little loop in front to tug baby. Our first swim and baby not scared, enjoyed. Kicking legs. Other Mom asked where I got this. Ours is prob 2nd gen, no sun sail. We use the toys in the bath. They squirt water. Comfortable, very adjustable straps for various sized babies. Excellent buyancy. Baby feels safe. See our vid! For now much better than flugals. I couldnt find any arm floaties tiny enough anyways.

  52. LB

    Love this so much for my 18 month old!

  53. CasaCarlos

    We absolutely love it!!!Our granddaughter can’t get enough of playing in the pool!


    Our great grandson is so safe in this flight at. We are so happy we ordered it and the parents are thrilled.

  55. Mindy Barnette

    I originally ordered this for my almost 2 year old son, but I tried it out first with my 5 month old daughter since my son was iasleep. I love it for her. When my son woke up from his nap I put it on him after getting in the pool, and he LOVES it. It fits him really well in the breaststroke position and he is able to walk around the pool without me or his dad worrying about him going under. Even when he tried to flip in it, it wouldn’t let him. We love it so much that I just ordered another one, the 3rd generation, for my daughter. Only reason for going with the 3rd generation is the canopy. I highly recommend this product.

  56. SMurray

    I was skeptical to order the product but I just used it for the first time and my son loved it. It was a little difficult for me to get my son into it the first time on my own so you might need an extra set of hands. My son was relaxed and bobbed along while enjoying the water!

  57. Hallie Fullagar

    Genius idea. 6 month old loves it!

  58. Annie Parks

    So pleased with this baby float. My 12 month old loves the water and I can be at ease floating beside him knowing he is strapped in safely and can’t fall out.

  59. Customer

    Perfect for our little water baby! Arrived quicker than estimated. It is sturdy and to just test it, I leaned on it in the water and it was able to support me. So I know it will do great holding my baby. Great product! Saw something similar on Facebook and was stoked when I found it on ! Will recommend to others!

  60. Customer

    I absolutely loved this at the beach and pool for my 10 month old

  61. Brittany Ester

    I have never written a review on anything before, but decided this product was deserving of one. Great design and quality… exactly what we didn’t know we needed. Positioning is comfortable and secure, but not too restrictive… even allowing our baby to kick and propel himself! We love it!

  62. Kindle Customer

    I love yhis float for my 1.5 yo!

  63. Customer

    Grandson love it in the pool!!!

  64. Kimberly

    Best baby float vert secure

  65. Kina

    My son felt more confident in this floater then his previous one. It’s sturdy and you don’t have to worry about always inflating it. It doesn’t tip to the sides and the extra padding make it comfortable either way the child is positioned. The straps and vest like Velcro make me feel more better knowing he’s not going to fall out and it’s much safer then an inflatable one. Definitely worth the buy, plus got it quicker than expected!

  66. ashleyk

    I love this float! It helps your child to feel safe and learn how to swim! While we were on vacation everyone kept asking me where I got it.

  67. Carrie Sinclair

    This thing is perfect for babies that aren’t setting up on their own yet. My 5 month old baby usually falls asleep in it. I have used it a handful of times so far and haven’t had any issues with the straps.

  68. Sofia

    This is a great quality product, I would definitely buy again.

  69. Christen F.

    Love this and my daughter can swim all around the pool at 4 months old

  70. barbara umholtz

    My grandson absolutely love this!! Glad I got it!

  71. Daniel21

    This Product is amazing. It came in sooner than expected and little one loves it!!! Super happy with this purchase I highly recommend!!

  72. Amy Ressler

    Love it. Pretty well made.

  73. Angela Gallinari

    Baby girl has so much fun in this floaty. We tried it out at the pool and she was so comfortable in it. She is tiny at 7 months old and it fit her great and was very secure. It was easy to get on too. We just put it in the water and fit her right in. There is a little tag at the front which is great for moving her around the water. I like also that her feet are free to kick in the water. Great buy and excited to use throughout the summer. Happy baby and happy parents.Side note, had to make a switch to my order. Decided to go with the leather almost immediately after I purchased. Customer service was great and they were able to make the switch as it had not shipped yet. Thanks Joanna!

  74. Heather B. Chaney

    This is a wonderful water float! My grandson is 8 months old and he has loved this from day one! He is safe and secure and so comfortable. Everyone at the pool comments on how happy he is in this and we can’t wait to use it at the lake next month!Five plus stars!

  75. GP-D

    Fantastic. Works as advertised and we feel better about our little ones in the water. Supervised closely with us of course.

  76. Ranaeda

    This is the absolute best water float for babies. She loved to be on her belly as she can kick off the bottom of the lake and move around on her own. It has its own version of a five point harness. Even when she’s moving it keeps her from diving forward into the water. It’s not inflatable which is an even bigger bonus. Do yourself and your baby a favor and buy this!

  77. Customer

    Love this great float

  78. Amy Mew

    I wanted to find a float for my baby that would last a while and not require constant filling with air. This float has been great. Even though my 4 month old is small, she still fits in it face up and it’s clear she will still be able to use it when she’s much older. I let it dry in the sun and/or simply hang it in the garage and it’s ready to go the next trip to the pool. It’s safe, convenient, sturdy and durable. I definitely recommend this product!

  79. Customer

    Best baby float,no air 5 straps no tipping no falling out

  80. Customer

    My 6 month baby loves it.

  81. Megan Henry

    Excellent and would highly recommend! My son is 9 months old and this has worked perfect for us!

  82. Sunshine

    Purchased for my 7 month old (14 lbs) granddaughter. Extremely impressed with the buoyancy and safety harness (snugs and holds her upright) . We tried both positions (belly and back) and it was equally as safe for her!! She loves swimming in her Mambo Baby!!! An awesome product, my granddaughter is so comfortable she fell asleep in it!!!!!

  83. Kelley

    Awesome product!! My 9 month old loves it!

  84. CRJones

    My daughter is almost 2 but is very small (18lbs) and nowhere close to fitting into a puddle jumper like her brother and sister were at her age. This product is perfect for her! It gives her enough freedom to allow her to swim her way around the pool but also keeps her secure. I’ve highly recommend this for anyone looking for a way to enjoy their summer with children under 25lbs. The only reason I docked it a star is because the button to undo the straps is kind of tricky and sometimes gets stuck.

  85. michele core

    The baby feels very secure in it

  86. Paige

    Absolutely love this float! My 3 month old is 12lbs and fit safely in this float and has used it both in the pool and inter coastal water way.

  87. Tammy

    A must have if you have an infant in a pool. Great support and he loves it!

  88. Keri Lamagna Lifestyle

    This is a big MUST HAVE for anyone with a pool. My son loves being on his stomach or back in this. So easy to use. Love that there is no inflating (we bought the leather option) and it seems to be very durable. The included float toys were absolutely adorable and my son loves to play with them in the pool and in the bathtub. I know it has a long time for shipping but I believe ours arrived within 2 weeks from being ordered on the weekend.

  89. Customer

    lo unico que me molesta es que debera traer el toldo de proteccin solar que se anuncia pero no lo trae

  90. Cynthia Lundy

    This is an awesome product…don’t have to worry about getting a hole like inflatable baby floats and very well made.

  91. Customer

    Very satisfied with product. Bought for grandbaby & he likes it.

  92. Joanne Hoyle

    Great for my year old grandson. He loves it!

  93. TA

    It’s great, daughter loves it…just wish I had seen the other one with a sun canopy shade instead.

  94. Erin

    My baby has been very happy floating around the pool, and a lake, in this! Nice quality, seems comfy and very supportive. The little strap on the front is great for pulling the floaty around. I like that my baby can still splash her hands and kick while being in it.

  95. Courtney Phillips

    Perfect for my 8 month old sun!

  96. Kay Miller

    We have used this a few times and it seems to be working so well! Our daughter floats in it on her back and stomach and looks very comfortable; I thought she was even going to fall asleep on it the other day she looked to comfy! It is very sturdy in the water; I’m confident it won’t tip even when she gets bigger and might start rocking herself side to side. The buckles are secure and the padding on the edges of the straps make it more comfortable and don’t dig into her skin. I have already sent info to several friends who have asked about this.

  97. Jenna L Christello

    Very secure and keeps baby in a good position. We have used it for a 4 month old up to a 12 month old so far and all have been secure and enjoyed it.

  98. Stacie

    I was hesitant to purchase this because it shipped directly from a China. But I love it! My toddler is very small and not big enough for a puddle jumper so this floatie is perfect for her. She fits very securely and she loves being able to kick her legs and move on her own. She likes laying her head on the headrest and just floating in the pool. I think it’s great for a baby to learn some independence in the water. It removes fear and we can now start serious swim lessons. I’vee had many people ask me about this floatie. It’s so unique.

  99. geoleila

    We love it! Baby feels secure and is comfortable while using it, and so do we. (Of course, we never leaving the baby unattended.) The only way the baby’s head seems to be able to go under water is if he flops backward. But, out of all the devices and floaters we have tried this is by far the best

  100. kYLE

    Our little guy couldn’t get enough of this. Love the versatility of different positions. We ended up sharing it with friends at the beach and they already bought one for their baby

  101. Melissa Gorham

    Very good.

  102. Miranda

    Honestly, i paid the extra for express shipping, because we have a pool where we live, and it was warm out. I wanted to be able to get as much use as possible and it was DEFINITELY worth it. My daughter is 9.5 months old and LOVES it.The straps are easy to adjust. They fit snug. It is easy to get baby in and out. The clips are very sturdy. The floaty is VERY sturdy and does NOT tip!! Unless your baby is in shallow water and tries to stand up(my daughter tries this and we just hold onto it) but in deep water its fantastic. I honestly love this thing and feel it was money well spent. Everyone at our pool is always asking were we got it and how awesome it looks!

  103. Greg Neumann

    Our 9 month old fought a little when placing him in the harness, but once he was secured he calmed down immediately. He loved being in the water and loved to kick with his face completely out of the water. Great purchase!

  104. MDuncan

    Great product! Baby loves it!

  105. Kelly

    I loved this product. I bought this for my granddaughter who is 2.5 and about 24 pounds. It’s very secure and makes me way more comfortable having her in the pool. It will fade in the sun, so I recommend you hang it somewhere where is won’t mold and won’t be in direct sunlight.

  106. Carolyn

    my son loves this float. Highly recommend!

  107. Jennapdh

    I’m obsessed with this thing. Better than any baby float I have used. It feels like the baby is a lot sturdier in this one than the inflatable ones. The straps are easy to adjust. We have only used it on a lake with very little wake, but I still think it’s a lot less likely to flip over like the light weight ones do.The baby doesn’t love being strapped in. But once she’s in the water she loves it and is so relaxed she even fell asleep!Design is cute. The material is durable. Feels like thick neoprene. The buckles are high quality.

  108. Melissa Golec

    My child, who is just shy of 2 absolutely loves this to swim in. She can jump into the water, she doesnt flip or land upside down. She can maneuver it herself. The only downside is it is not easy to play in once on the side of pool or beach. I would highly recommend.

  109. Cristina

    I love this thing!! My 16 month old hates being held in the water, she has no fear, but I am fearful her slippery body will wriggle right out of my arms. This has been a lifesaver! She loves it and she is the size of a 2 1/2 year old and she fits just fine. She is relaxed and able to float along with her older sister! She can’t reach the water with her face, which is nice since she likes to try to drink the pool water. It’s difficult to tip, but it is possible, especially when she tries to sit upright. tipping backwards is easier than side to side. The solid foam floats wonderfully and the covering is soft to the touch. Overall a great float and will make my summer so much easier!!

  110. R

    This is a great float! My 8 month old loves being in it and I dont feel like he will just slip out or is missing out on actually feeling the water. The fact that it isn’t blow up gives me peace of mind knowing it isn’t going to leak air or lose it buoyancy randomly.

  111. rudemnp

    I looked into so many different baby floats and I’m so glad I went with this one. Secure fit and not too cumbersome in comparison with other baby floats. My 9month old can actually reach the water with his hands.

  112. Jae

    By far my fav item purchased from this year. Very sturdy and secure. Adjusting to fit is easy. Baby is comfortable no pinching or sagging .

  113. Jason Higgins

    Great! MY 5month old loves it and I get compliments on it every where I go. Came much quicker than expected due to prior reviews

  114. beemor

    My 5month old loves this! I put him backwards so he’s facing the sky not the pool, he lounges and falls asleep, when he’s forwards (facing pool) he’s safe and no water gets near his face, he can kick freely! Great product and customer service

  115. Nature Mama

    I cannot say enough about how much I love MamboBaby. It has always frustrated me how hard it is to find a flotation device for infants and toddlers that both mama and baby are comfortable with, especially something that is foam instead of inflatable. My 21 month old son has finally become confident in the water and is loveing swimming by himself as long as he has his MamboBaby 💙🙌

  116. Jess

    I purchased this for my one year old and it works great! He sits in it and leans on the front part and it holds him up well. Would also be great for a new born to float on their back.

  117. Customer

    This is, hands down, the best baby raft I have ever come across. I actually believe our baby would prefer to be in this thing at all times. I would go into more detail, but this thing is perfect in every way imaginable.

  118. Whit

    Bought this for my 4 month old for a trip to mexico!! Absolutely loved it!!

  119. Cheryl Olson

    My granddaughter

  120. Angela wormer

    My 6 month old grandaughter loves it. she will even fall asleep because its so comfy. Ilove that she can be in the swim position and still safely have her face outta the water. Great buy would for sure recommend it

  121. Customer

    Really love this product

  122. Jessica Thomas

    This thing is awesome! My girl loves it!

  123. Serpil On

    This is wonderful baby safely floats and all buckles are very secure

  124. Sasha Penton

    We love this little float! It’s great because it’s made out of more like a life jacket material so no worries of leakage, and also baby can go in this facing up or down.

  125. Katia Turner

    My daughter loves it…worth every penny.

  126. stephen

    My favorite float for my baby! I am so happy I bought this. It let’s my baby enjoy the water without me holding onto him. He is able to float between us safely and comfortably. His first use was at 11 months and I wish I had got it sooner. The other baby floats were too big and I still had to hold him and prevent him from drinking the water but this one is very supportive and secure!*always watch your kids in the water of course and do not leave alone!

  127. ge

    Really great. I saw similar ones for more than double the price.

  128. Erin Fletcher

    We like it.

  129. Cali Girl

    Great grandson is secure and relaxed when in the poll with his mom and other children and adults. He can paddle around and float. Everyone is happy! Well made and appears it will last for more than one child.

  130. Taylor Newsome

    We love this float and so many people have asked about it! Next time I’ll order the canopy to block the sun but either way it worked amazing for our pool, lake and beach vacation this summer!

  131. lil’ dutch girl

    Arrived quickly, we bought the pastel green and pastel blue. I feel confident that my grand baby will be very secure in this while we are all in the pool. I do wish I’ve bought the ones with a cover from the sun. Be aware, there is only one way to use these. I thought they were a bit more diverse. Even the directions on how to strap the baby in, show other ways, and age of children that can use it, but…finally figured out that the directions show how to use each different product. Still not disappointed. Just know what you’re buying.

  132. Rick Catlin

    It’s perfect! So sturdy, durable and safe! I can easily put my little boy (17 months) in this and let him float around the pool and he LOVES it! No need to worry about inflating/deflating. Comfortable/sturdy foam.

  133. Customer

    Great product. My twin 2 year olds loved it

  134. blackey

    I bought this for my child and really like this product. It is very well made and the baby is comfortable in it.

  135. Clarissa

    If you’re worried about floats for your infant/toddler, this is the product for you! It is not inflatable but made of sturdy foam material. I feel really safe putting my son in this. It has shoulder straps as well as velcro for their midsection and a harness strap between their legs! There’s no way he’s getting out on his own. The elevated head section keeps his face out of the water no matter how hard he tries to push it down. It’s also made of soft material so I don’t feel like he will get rubbed like he does in his life jacket. He by far prefers floating in this rather than his life jacket.I use this float more at the lake than I do at the pool. I also think it would work great at the beach!My son fights getting strapped in because you have to put them on their stomach or back, but once he’s in the water it’s obvious that he’s comfortable and enjoys floating and kicking his legs in the water.Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a float that is not inflatable and is safe!

  136. Cory

    SUPER happy with this purchase!! It took a while for me to review because I wanted to see how it worked for my granddaughter and it’s just finally warm enough! We received it way faster than expected. She LOVES it! It’s great quality! And they even gave a bonus of cute little water it’s! Thank you!

  137. Teresa M

    My grand son is 4 mos old and he loves this! He falls asleep in it when he is in the pool. It will not flip over. My daughter has told all her mom friends about it

  138. DanaA

    Float holds baby well. Comfortable enough to have baby fall asleep while swimming. I really like that it’s solid and not a blow up. Also, the angle it holds child at keeps baby floating and doesn’t seem to be easy to flip. However the sticker on the outside began to peel and crack off. Doesn’t affect the safety of the float, but makes it look old and damaged after one use.

  139. Customer

    Highly recommend this

  140. Jhosy Hernández

    Nos encant

  141. Linda Adams

    Described correctly

  142. Janice Jackson

    I bought the float for my niece. She is 21 months and weighs 24 lbs. She has three older siblings and loves being able to play safely in the pool with them. The solid core provides security not achieved with air blown float. Hoping to use this for one more Summer.

  143. Bree

    Amazing float for my 7 month old. She can move easily but is very safe to do so. Nearly fell asleep in it, so it must be pretty relaxing as well.

  144. Victoria Feliz

    My baby loves this floatie! It’s so comfy for her as well as extra safe!!

  145. LOUIS

    Pleasantly surprised. Took forever to arrive but works as advertised.

  146. jason martin

    This float works great; my daughter (1.5 yrs) loves it. However, I just want to give a warning to parents.When you put your child in backwards (backstroke style) be very alert and aware that if your child is not relaxed/laying back and is trying to sit up it is susceptible to falling forward and trapping your child under water.My daughter is small so it is probably much easier to flip if you have a chunky heavy baby.OF COURSE you should always be watching your kids in this and any floatation device but noticing this when putting her in this position the first time made my stomach turn at how easy it could happen. So much so I’m up thinking about it and writing this review at 4am.The backstroke position works well as does front ways but just wanted to give a good warning.

  147. Brandy

    I love this thing! I bought it for my 3 month old for our pool and she loves floating around on it. The safety strap tightens up to fit the baby. It definitely keeps the baby’s face out of the water and allows for her to kick her legs. The price seemed a little high to me but it’s already paid for its self in the few months we’vee had it! Highly recommend if your little one likes water

  148. Jacquelynn Sloan

    My son really enjoyed playing in this, he really started working on kicking his legs. With other floats he would easily put his face in the water but this it does keep their face away from them being able to dunk their face in. My only issue was while we were pushing through the water between myself and my husband ( we were close to one another) he tipped to the side which I thought this wouldn’t be able to do) . This is a device I think he could learn to kick and try to swim with however, like any other water device you have to keep you eyes on them at all times. I think with him being a year and 20 lbs he will out grow this within the next few months to give you a realistic vision of the size.

  149. Briana

    This is the best!!! My daughter loves it!

  150. Kathey Drennan

    easily adjustable straps with secure buckles. She can reach the water to splash but this keeps her face up out of the water. As she gets bigger I can adjust the straps so she is more and more upright …. but being able to have her lying on her belly when she was tiny was perfect

  151. Dan W.

    This has worked great for our 7-9 month old (15-20 lbs). She loves sitting in it and it is extremely stable and feel very confident letting her float near us without having to constantly hold it. Have a 3 year old that would grab the float and it would not tip over even with her weight on the side.


    Alittle hard to adjust in the beginning, but worth the money

  153. carina

    Best purchase so sturdy and safe. 7 month old loves it! He is 16Lbs.

  154. Customer

    It floats. Kid does not sink.

  155. Addison Garcia

    Although we have a weird baby who at a very young age prefers to sit up, he still enjoys this! I felt super safe putting my 2mo in it at the pool! I would even feel comfortable in a larger body of water such as a lake. Super safe, buckled well, stable, and very well designed for babies! My only regret is not finding the one with an attached sunshade until after buying this one!

  156. T. Huber

    Our 6 month grandson loved being in the pool with this. He never cried. It secures very well. Good buy!

  157. Leslia Hawthorne


  158. Toni Nelson

    On of the greatest inventionsLove it

  159. Greyzone

    This is an exceptionally good product. Our grandson fits into it perfectly, and not only is it secure, he feels secure in it and loves it and can float around until he falls asleep LOL

  160. R.W

    Great material. My special needs daughter loves the water and this helps support her in the pool. Wish they made bigger sizes. Very sturdy!

  161. Sarah E Marshall

    This float worked perfectly. The baby could float on their belly or their back comfortably, and I didn’t have to inflate anything! My baby was perfectly happy to float around and lounge comfortably in the pool.

  162. Me

    I love this! Works great for a small baby!

  163. Carie Edwards

    It works great for all baby stages

  164. Meagan

    Love it!

  165. Robert K. Rueckert

    Worked well and seems safe


    My son LOVES being in the water and him being 4 months old this has been the best thing. Would recommend 100X

  167. Customer

    We love this product. Well worth the money.

  168. Tim & Riss Patnode

    I wish I had known about this for our first child. Hands down the best design for an infant/ young toddler swimming device. Super sturdy, safe and durable. Great positioning so your little one can stay cool in the pool!

  169. Customer

    Excellent “floatie” for infant. He loved it.

  170. Customer

    Love it! Worth the price for peace of mind that our baby is safe.

  171. Betty W 55

    Works great. My granddaughter loves it. I hope it will help her learn how to swim this next year.

  172. Customer

    This has changed our pool experience! We have three kids under two years old (twins) and wow we bought three of these and they are life savers! They do not flip at all. They still can jump off the side of the pool safely and not go under. The first floats they love and enjoy using and never try to get out of them which they can’t because of the clips and harness etc. They can also swim around in them and feel independence. I recommend these!!!!! We love ours!!!!!

  173. JoshnBrittany

    I absolutely love this baby float. You can’t use inflatable ones at my community pools and this foam floaty was perfect. She loved it and floated around, even started kicking.ONLY con so far is the neoprene cover absorbs water and stays wet a little longer, so bring an extra towel to wrap it up in on the way home from wherever you are swimming.

  174. Rinaro

    my son loves using it belly down, but belly up is a little ackward for him and he actually flipped over while belly up which was really scary but we were right there with him so it wasnt an issue.

  175. M. J. Rubinstein

    Truly one of the best and smartest purchases I have made as a grandmother. Little Lily (9 months) is so happy to be in this in our Florida swim spa. She kicks her feet and the spa moves her around like she was in a lazy river. We feel safe with her in it (with one of us next to her of course) and love that it is solid (not inflatable) and had smartly designed buckles.

  176. Gene Love

    Buy this.. Don’t think… Just do it

  177. Jennifer

    Thought this was kind of a joke at first, but my 5 month old fell asleep in it. Love the fact that she can go belly in or back in. It’s wonderful!

  178. BEIXY J.

    It is the most beautiful float in the world. I love it!!!!… it is same as the picture!

  179. Amber H

    I wish they made them like this for my toddler. It was an AMAZING thing to have this as an invant, we could strap him in and he could stay right there with us, just relaxing and hanging out in the water! Absolutely an amazing product!

  180. piotr

    I love it, expensive but very good quality. I am surprised it dries so fast. Good stuff.

  181. Amanda Baysore

    Perfect for in the pool at a hotel. My son fight in it very well.

  182. Julia Culbertson

    This float is a lifesaver. We are at my in laws pool 3x a week during the summer. My daughter was 10-13 months old during the summer months that we used it. It let her splash around and Chase after her cousins in the pool. There’s a little strap on the front used for hanging to dry, but her older cousins loved to swim around the pool towing her around while they held it. Obviously you need to stay next to your infant in the pool, but when her younger cousins would pull on it or try to get rough with her, this thing never even came close to tipping. She never tried to lean back in it or anything though. I always felt comfortable having her in the pool in this cute float. We have had no issues with major mold/fading.

  183. Janie B.

    If you have a baby this is a must have.

  184. D. Schneider

    This product allowed my granddaughter to enjoy our pool without mom having to hold her.

  185. Valerie from Kansas

    Our baby grandson was only a few months old when he used this in our pool, and he loved it. It kept him floating safely. I don’t know about durability yet since we only got to use it twice, but it seems to be durable. We’re looking forward to having him use it again in our pool next summer.

  186. Christina

    My grandson love this!

  187. Amanda

    I love this float!!!!

  188. Katlin

    If you have a child under 1yr old this is for you! My son loved his and it is very well made. The straps are nice and soft and sturdy. The covering is high quality and the stitching is done correctly. Even the fastener is easy to use. You can put your little one on his stomach with his head resting on the front or you can have him sitting with his back resting against it. both ways work well. Consider getting some type of sun cover to put over them though because when face up the sun is right in their faces. Other than that the product is just as described. I would buy another on for sure.

  189. Andrea O.

    I love the fact that this float is not inflatable and dont have to worry of it popping and running out of air. My daughters head is safely rested on the float and dont have to worry of her swallowing any water. My 11 month old loves it and she is able to enjoy herself in the water while being safely buckled in. Love this product! Highly recommend

  190. Amy

    This is awesome! Great quality

  191. Kyleigh

    Bought this for my 13 month old and it’s perfect. She loves it and it’s safe. Well worth every bit of $55 that I paid. It doesn’t tip and it’s super sturdy.

  192. Macy Johnson

    Thank you for my product. My child is safe in this.

  193. Customer

    Loveeeee! We took it with us to Curaçao and love to use it in our pool at home too. Our baby loves it and so do we.

  194. Abby Keller

    This is a great product. Would buy it again. My granddaughter fell asleep in it while floating with us in the ocean.

  195. Kaitlyn

    Highly recommend

  196. KStaton

    This is the third float we’ve tried for our LO and I have to say this one is the winner! I love the safety features – it’s by and far the sturdiest float we’ve used. She’s so comfortable in it and LOVES being able to kick kick kick! I do wish it was a little easier for her to splash her arms around, but it’s so worthwhile to have her secure.

  197. son t. Loehr

    The baby love it. It’s safe

  198. ellis.michael227

    My daughter LOVES the water and we live near the coast so pool days and beach are pretty much our whole summer. So I wanted to get her something that would stand up to heavy use. It does not inflate which is a plus. The straps are soft but secure. The buckle has protective casing to prevent erosion. She just floats in this so easily, and I don’t worry about tipping or her face touching the water.

  199. brittany elkins

    This works so well for our 8 month old and I love the canopy for sun protection!! She loves to float around and kick her legs! I would say it is a little difficult to get her in or out with just 1 person but I love that I feel she is super safe once shes in!

  200. John babuska

    .. Lots of versions out there! Some with a tail float some without. Some with a cloth like material cover, some with a leather like cover. This is a reversion to a review after being sold by other venders other variations of this type of float. This version is a cloth cover with a tail float!

  201. Customer

    Product is sturdy and well made. Great security features for my child to safely and supervised enjoy some pool time.

  202. Lynne T.

    Wow! 6 month old grandson loves it! Very sturdy. Very high quality. Well thought out design. Supports him securely and comfortably. Super soft material. Exceeded our expectations.

  203. Katherine M. Sargent

    My grandson loves the water and loves this float! Everyone that sees the pictures of him in it wants one! Glad we got it when it was 54.00!

  204. Katie

    Best baby floatie I’vee ever seen, my son loves it and I feel so much more at ease with him in it.Every time we’vee used it everyone in the pool comments how cool it is! I agree :)Totally worth the price! It’s also so nice not having to inflate or worry about it getting a hole.

  205. Junglequeen

    Oh my goodness! This is the best quality float on the market!!! Does not flip! And no worries about blowing it up or it getting holes in it!! Baby is safe in this float. She loves her new float!!!

  206. Elsie

    This item is well worth the money. Our 4 month old grandson set in it perfectly and it was very safe and sturdy in the water. One of the best things we have purchased.THANK YOU

  207. Shana Andres

    My 7 month old absolutely loves this float. He hates most other floats because he doesn’t like being on his back and they force him that way. My 3 year old also jumped on it and enjoyed paddling around although he couldn’t click in. I like that one person can put the baby in it easily as it has Velcro as well as the clasps.

  208. ROW

    I used this yesterday in the pool with my 12month old, wow! What an amazing product. My baby felt safe and was secure while playing the pool. He enjoyed splashing and kicking his feet while floating. I wish I knew about this product for my other child. I’m definitely going to recommend this to friends and family!

  209. Brian Braswell

    I haven’t written a review for a product in a LONG time. I have purchased several pool floats for my little guy and have been disappointed by all. this one is by far the BEST and worth the money. I have been lured into some terrible baby products online before and was nervous, but this raft is legit. I have a 22lb 9 month old. He fits into the raft comfortably with room to grow. The back of the raft is an adjustable 5pt harness and he can lay on his tummy or back. The float is not air filled which is fantastic because it seems those are always deflating. The only downside is it is a little bulky if you are traveling with it. It stays afloat and is impossible to tip. We’vee had it in the pool and lake and are headed to the beach next week. The boy can slash and look around or lay his head down and snooze safely with his head out of the water. I wish they made adult versions of this raft!!!

  210. Nad

    Used it once only so far but it’s great. Really good quality. My 3 mo old (14lb) spent a decent amount of time in it and seemed to enjoy it.

  211. A

    The float came fast and it is great. My baby is 20 months old and it works well. It is much sturdier than similar blow up style floats and the ones where he sits inside… he always kept tipping himself over. With this one he doesn’t tip over at all… even with him trying to tip himself over! I feel very safe with him in it!

  212. KT Marie

    Baby loves this thing. And it is safer than a neck ring. Great for pool or lake

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