Limited Edition Mambobaby Shark

The Mambobaby Baby Shark Float comes with a removable canopy and a removable tail as the Stabilizer to prevent backflip.

The Must-Have baby float for a swimming day with your little bubs.


We Made the Mambobaby Float the SAFEST and the most COMFORTABLE baby float ever.

mambobaby float green heccei best baby float

Deluxe Mambofish

mambobaby float pink heccei best baby float

Deluxe Flamingo

mambobaby float spaceship with canopy

Spaceship Blue

mambobaby shark float

Shark Blue

mambobaby shark float pink with canopy

Shark Pink

mambobaby baby float dino

Dino Green

best baby float lite version

Lite Green




Perfect Infant & Baby Float

There is no air leak or punctures risks without inflation. Upgraded double insurance safety buckle, provide 5 support points, and perfect 40°angle to keep a balance to avoid baby flip. 2 swim ways which are backstroke and breaststroke with different buckle method. Backstroke Suitable for babies from 3 ~ 12 months, and breaststroke Suitable for 3 ~ 24months.

Patented Technology Best Baby Float.

Mambobaby made with high quality, environmentally friendly patented Pearl-Foam. This is a premium latex material that is moisture-proof, very breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy. It has elastic skin cover. BPA Free. soft and warm just like in mother’s arms but would never too hot under the sun. Not to mention that there is a 50+ UV proof sunshade and a stabilizer(*some model) to prevent backflipping due to incorrect wearing or the baby is too active.

Durable and high quality.

Mambobaby float is definitely worth the money. Because in the case of proper maintenance, these nice little baby floats can be used for a long time which is more cost-effective than buying an inflatable every year. Not only the safest but also the most comfortable and cute baby float designed especially for littles.

Don‘t Just Take Our Words for It

Customer Reviews


Mambobaby reviews 2020

“Fantastic. Worth the expense for me to have confidence with the baby in the pool. I have three older children to keep track of when swimming, and having a tiny baby in the pool isn’t exactly the most relaxing experience for a mom. We are always on the lookout for trouble. This float is really well made and I feel very confident with its design. I like that it is not inflatable. The foam inside is very dense….”

Mary DuPuy

“I bought this for my grandchild. The baby loves it but more importantly, we love how secure they are, how easy it is to get them in/out of it. The sunscreen is useful. And we all love spending time together in the water!”

R Widrick
Mambobaby reviews 2020

“I thought this to be a bit pricey but would buy it over again. Our grandson is 14 months old and absolutely loves it. He is free to kick his feet and seems to feel very secure in the water. Don’t let the price hold you back from purchasing this float.”


“My grandson loved it. First time in our pool. He laughed and giggled and kicked his little legs!”

Dale Robertson

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